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Welcome to Pat's Place

I'm still having fun trying to decide what this site will be when it grows up --- it will be devoted one way or another to our relationship to our companion animals. To that end, I've started a new article topic, "Rescue Stories" --- if you want to tell this small corner of the world your story, just click on 'submit news' and let yourself go!

Tasha's story
My name is Tasha and I am now at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for my mom and dad. I was a divorce statistic. When I was nine years old my former parents got divorced and neither one felt they could keep me. I was posted on a rescue site and my mom saw the post and my picture. It broke her heart that someone could have a dog that long, and then give her up when it became inconvenient. So mom begged dad...please, just one more. They already had four Dalmatians that were also rescues.

Dad finally gave in, and they came to Maryland to pick me up. I was a very shy girl, but very loving. I was a bit overweight, but having a home in the country with room to run helped me to get back into shape. I loved my home in the country, but one of my sister Dals didn't love me. So mom had to keep us separated, and that was okay by me. My Dal brother, Danny, liked me and we would go for long walks with mom.

Unfortunately, my life in my new home was not a long one. After a year and a half, I developed cancer. The vet said that surgery would probably only buy me a couple of months. My mom and dad just didn't know what to do. One morning when I woke up, I knew it was time to go. I went to mom and looked at her, and she knew that I was ready. She and Dad took me to the vets, and held me and sang to me as I peacefully made my journey to the bridge. Mom and Dad, thanks for loving an old girl who didn't have much time left. You don't need to hurry, but when you get to the bridge, I'll be here waiting.

Published Nov 13, 2002 - 04:37 PM

Haylee Cheyanne
For those of you that don't know my story, I was about a year and seven months old when Mom saw an ad to find a new home for me. It was in the company paper where Dad works. A guy there had married a woman that turned out to be very allergic to something at his house. There were three Rotties, a Doberman, a Greyhound, a terrier mix named Sydney and me. There were also cats, ferrets and a rabbit.

The allergist told them there were just too many things to test for. His advice was to get rid of all the animals they could bear to part with, wash all their stuff and move. Guess who was put up for adoption first???? (Mom feels that I was the ex-wife's dog.)

Mom and Dad used to have a Beagle named Spike, but he passed over the rainbow bridge at the age of 16 1/2. Dad really did not want another dog but Mom sure did. One night they were watching "101 Dalmatians" on TV and Dad commented that Dalmatians were nice dogs. Even though Mom knew that Dad's father was a fireman and then a fire chief, she did not know that Dad had been around Dalmatians at the fire house. Contrary to popular belief, not all fire houses have one of us around. Anyway, she dug the ad out of the recycle bin where she had put it. She just knew that she was never going to get him to agree to another dog. But here was the opening she needed.

He agreed that she could call and see if I was still available. They were gone. She left three messages. They called on Monday morning and liked her so well that they told a family with two little girls and a fenced yard that I was going to a different home. My former dad liked what he heard. I would be spayed as soon as possible. I would be taken, not sent, to obedience school, I would be caught up on my shots (I had never had a rabies shot) and would have a loving home for life.

They brought Sydney and me to meet them on Thursday night. I think they hoped that Mom and Dad would fall in love with Sydney too. But Sydney peed on their kitchen rug after they told them that she was house broken so that ruled her out.

I made my move. I walked over, sat on Dad's foot and leaned back on his leg like it was a Lazy-Boy recliner and refused to budge. Dad looked at Mom and said the words I will never forget, "Well, I guess we have a dog." Mom gave them some green and white stuff and they gave her a white piece of paper that had my name on it. My former step-mom hugged me and told me her little girl would miss me. My former dad had already said goodbye.

That is my story.

Published Nov 13, 2002 - 02:54 AM