Cover, "Pieces of My Heart"

Readers' Reactions

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Holding On to Love, an illustration by Christine J. Head

       We hope that Pieces Of My Heart will make a difference, both to those who read it and for those groups who will be selling it as a fundraiser. Many of our readers have been profoundly touched by Pieces Of My Heart :

  • "Thank you for putting into words what I feel in my heart."
  • "Don't read it in public or you'll make a laughing, crying fool of yourself!"
  • "Finally, James Herriot has a successor."
  • "I believe that a well-placed word and a good example are the most powerful tools of change we have available. Keep up the good work."
  • "My god, I've never read anything so poignant and touching in my life."
  • "Your heartfelt words will touch many and hopefully save many wonderful lives...My babies and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing."
  • "What a gift you have given to animal lovers everywhere by writing this... Now it is our job to see that it makes a difference."

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the astonishing volume of mail that Jim has been receiving about the book, we can't keep up with all of the great comments and recommendations that are coming in daily. Therefore, we invite everyone to check out the Reader Comment section on the Pieces Of My Heart page at

       If Pieces Of My Heart has touched a place in your heart, please share your comments with others on . If you live outside North America, please see, UK.  Since the book has two different publishers in the US and the UK, reader comments posted on one will not be duplicated on the other, so we invite you to post your comments on both!

       You may also send your comments privately to:

       We appreciate all comments and recommendations!

This handsome gentleman is posing for the portrait he hopes will find him that perfect new Forever Home.


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