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Jim Willis and Jewell, a victim of breed prejudice."For those of you who are familiar with Jim's works, this is sure to touch you as his other works have. For those of you who are NOT familiar with him, you are in for a treat beyond compare. Your emotions will run the gamut, of that there is no doubt whatsoever. You can't help but come away so much more enlightened as a result." and "I can't wait to get my paws on one....thank you for putting to paper what so many of us cannot for one reason or another."

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       Pieces of My Heart is available by special-order through your local bookseller. It will be helpful if you will ask your local bookstores to stock the title and to consider making a special display of animal/petcare/training titles. Pieces of My Heart is also listed with all on-line booksellers; if your favorite rescue or group has an affiliate arrangement with, etc., then please do order through their link as it helps to generate revenue for their efforts.

       The e-book can also be ordered from Barnes and Noble and will be available through other platforms later.

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For the USA & Canada
including US territories and possessions, APO/FPO addresses:
Trade Paperback Edition
ISBN 0-7414-1015-X
Phone 610-520-2500
Toll-free 877-BUY BOOK (1-877-289-2665)
Fax 610-519-0261
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German Translation Editon, Die leise Stimme der Seele, now available!

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See also the lavishly-illustrated Japanese editon of How Could You!

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