Cover, "Pieces of My Heart"

Praise for Pieces of My Heart

"If one book can make a world of difference for animals, this is it!"

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May gives Jim's book two paws up!       "Jim Willis has a keen understanding of the intricate relationships we humans have with animals. His stories and poems resonate on many levels - and keep readers coming back for more. This is a superb collection of works." — Janet Tobiassen DVM, Guide to Veterinary Medicine

       "Jim Willis is making a difference in the lives of animals every day. This comes through loud and clear in Pieces of My Heart. Compassionate, spiritual, emotional, heart-wrenching, and insightful, this book will move you in ways you never thought possible. It's an inspirational journey that stays on your mind long after you finish reading. Do animals matter? They do to Jim Willis. And after you read Pieces of My Heart animals will matter to you, too." — Vernon Weir, Development Director, American Sanctuary Association

       "Everything Jim Willis writes comes from the heart. His prose has impact and a depth of understanding and compassion that I admire greatly. Pieces of My Heart is a must for anyone who cares for the safety and well-being of all animals." — Kerry Parmenter, Founder & Managing Director, Planet Pet Downunder, Sydney, Australia

       "Pieces of My Heart by Jim Willis is uniquely his 'other way' of seeing life and humanity. Some stories would be agonizingly sad were it not for the hope and belief that he holds out to the reader. The collection is best taken in small pieces, each one carefully and thoughtfully savored. If life is a piece of cake, this collection is the icing." — Barbara J. Andrews, Managing Editor,; author, World of the Akita and other breed-specific books; columnist, ShowSight magazine, and freelance dog sport journalist

       "The writings of Jim Willis have inspired me to keep Animal Home operating. His prose, 'The Animals' Savior' has been the opening statement on our Dog Rescue page for a long time. His essay 'How Could You?' is so powerful that I get tears in my eyes just thinking about it. If people could only apply his writings to all animals, including the human animal, this earth would be heaven." — Herb Rabe, President,

Siamese Cat illustration by Christine J. Head.       "In Pieces of My Heart, Jim Willis has opened a window into the heart, mind, and soul of a man who is brother to the creatures he writes about; a man who shares every nuance of their fragile lives; a man who selflessly acts on his beliefs. As you read, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be profoundly moved, and you'll hear pieces of your own heart strumming in response. Listen..." — Franny Syufy, Writer-Editor for Cats at (Read Franny's complete 5-star review)

       "Jim Willis makes a connection with the hearts and souls of animals that all humans should strive for. His writings read as if the creatures he so passionately cares for penned them. He powerfully reinforces the concept and importance of the human-animal bond, and that bond is evident in nearly everything he writes. Pieces of My Heart comes closer to speaking the minds of our non-human animal brethren and speaking up for Creation than anything else you'll ever read." — Dick Weavil, Publisher, AnimalTalk newsletter

       "Jim's writings have made me laugh and cry. His understanding of God's creatures and the respect we should have for them is inspiring." — Peggy Haynes, Director, Pet Rescue North, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida

       "Touching, poignant, humorous, and honest...all words that describe Pieces of My Heart. With a clear perspective, Jim Willis offers his readers inspirational stories and unlimited compassion. Pieces of My Heart is a memorable and gentle work of heartfelt emotion. This work encourages a deep introspection on life, as well as an honest look at the world's most dangerous predator, man, and our dealings with animals. It inspires us, poetically and movingly, to look closer at our actions and to take responsibility for them. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who has loved, cared for, rescued, or has had even the slightest concern for the well-being of the animals we share our world with." —Stacy Mantle, Author of Conquering the Food Chain: Living Amongst Animals (Without Becoming One)

Jim's rescued Arabian mare Cynnamon

Jim's rescued Arabian mare "Cynnamon."
Granddaughter of one of the most famous stallions in history, she was ignored and neglected. Not even bluebloods are immune to human apathy.


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