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Killing with Kindness:

The Campaign for a Federal Law
for the Humane Euthanasia
of Companion Animals

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." — Margaret Mead

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The Killing With Kindness Campaign demands one U.S. federal law: That all animal species housed in any shelter/pound/animal control facility shall be euthanized, only when necessary, by a veterinarian or trained, certified euthanasia technician, and that the animal shall first be sedated/tranquilized (when advisable) before being administered a lethal intravenous injection of sodium pentobarbital.

       The idea for a federal law for the humane euthanasia of shelter animals began with an e-mail message written out of frustration by a rescuer and animal advocate who was tired of hearing the same horror stories about killing practices in some shelters and dog pounds. Numerous people from every background in rescue efforts and advocacy ("animal rights" and "animal welfare") responded and added their expertise and recommendations.

        Despite the irony of the campaign name, it does not place a seal of approval on killing! From the start, nobody involved in this campaign approved of killing animals as a "solution" for America's surplus pet problem. We despise the killing and the reality — that despite all our individual efforts and those of national and international organizations, nobody has yet been able to accomplish more than reducing the number of companion animals killed. The horrible killing practices continue and will likely continue into the foreseeable future. We are all hopeful that our other efforts will someday change that situation. We hope the campaign will call attention to all the other factors that have led to the mass killing. It is already too late for the millions of companion animals who have died terrible deaths.

       This is a grassroots campaign —your campaign. Whether it lives or dies, whether companion animals die cruelly or compassionately, will depend on your involvement.

       This site features a two-page, downloadable letter about the campaign that defines the proposed law. You may adapt it, shorten it, add specific information about your own local or state situation, add photos; the only elements that need to stay uniform are the name of the campaign, "Killing With Kindness," and the definition of the federal law we are calling for. You will need to send letters to the media, your elected representatives and public officials. (Letters are more effective than e-mail messages or petitions.) You will need to ask animal-related organizations you support to officially commit to this campaign, to mail their own letters, place the information in their newsletters, and distribute a sample letter to their memberships.

       We are all tired of the killing, especially the methods of killing. It is time to come out from hiding behind "euthanasia." It is time to work together toward a common goal.

       There is no reason why anyone should object to putting an end to the cruelty. We hope for the participation of companion animal guardians and animal rescuers, shelter workers, breeders, registries, veterinarians and technicians, pet supply store management, pet columnists and the media, e-list administrators, public officials, and every animal-related organization and advocate. The campaign will need Congressional sponsors of a bill and celebrity spokespersons. We hope the campaign will spread to other countries that need similar legislation, for example, Canada and Australia.

       Only you can make that happen — for the animals. Thank you for your participation.

Suggested e-mail message for cross-posting and to use as an e-mail signature:

"Killing With Kindness" - An Act of Compassion
One campaign. One goal: A U.S. FEDERAL law for the HUMANE euthanasia of surplus, homeless companion animals. One result: Putting an end to the cruel killing! For more information and a sample letter, please see:

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