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Last Updated: 1 April 2003

The goal of this library of links is to provide you with the tools to:


Educate yourself about euthanasia and the methods used here in the United States to rid shelters of unwanted animals.


Educate others--give well-researched, concise presentations to civic groups, provide thought-provoking and compelling information to media, make your point reasonably and intelligently on radio call-in shows, and knowledgably refute the inevitable arguments you will hear about how "humane" gas chambers are and how expensive euthanizing large numbers of shelter animals by lethal intravenous injection of sodium pentobarbital is, both financially and emotionally.


Educate your local, state, and federal legislators to the problem and its solution, a federal law stating: That all animal species housed in any shelter/pound/animal control facility shall be euthanized, only when necessary, by a veterinarian or trained, certified euthanasia technician, and that the animal shall first be sedated/tranquilized (when advisable) before being administered a lethal intravenous injection of sodium pentobarbital.

Please note that we include these links for purely informational purposes, and that their inclusion does not signify our support or lack thereof for any of the organizations represented.

CAUTION: Some of these links will contain very disturbing material. The choice of whether or not to look at them is yours.

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Finding Government Officials   v   Writings & Poems   v   Rehoming Pets
Prevention: The Best Solution   v   Puppy Mills & Pet Stores

What is Humane "Euthanasia?"

  • The American Veterinary Medical Association report on euthanasia, including a study of methods used: This file is a .pdf and won't open unless you have the Acrobat Reader, which you can download for free (Download Acrobat Reader). Be patient; it may also take a moment or two to download.
  • Manual used for Euthanasia Technician Training, Published by The Humane Society of the United States. Information about and instructions for ordering the manual, published in October 2002. The manual itself is not online.

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Dealing with the Unwanted:

  •, a haunting site about the use of the gas chamber. This link is to the summary page, from which click buttons take you to other aspects of this horrible way to kill animals....including a video clip of the actual process. Caution: these "detail" pages are very graphic and disturbing.
  • Use of a Gas Chamber in Virginia, . Caution: This site contains a personal account of a humane worker of her experiences with a gas chamber made from a converted chest freezer.

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From the Heart: Writings and Poems

  • Animal People News, "ANIMAL PEOPLE is the leading independent newspaper providing original investigative coverage of animal protection worldwide, founded in 1992."
  • Stories, Poems, etc., about pets, "This site gives tribute to those domestic, household animals who have and continue to receive senseless death at the bidding of their very stewards."

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Rehoming Pets:

  • ADOPT a Homeless Pet!, Free Listings to shelters and placement groups, advice on rehoming pets, etc.
  • Can We Help You Keep Your Pet? . Includes info on coping with all of the excuses people give for surrendering their pets to shelters and also gives good advice for rehoming.

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Prevention: The Best Solution

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Puppy Mills/Pet Stores: A BIG Part of the Problem

The following list of web sites on Puppy Mills and Pet Shops was compiled by

  • America's pet "industry" contacts and publications, The "links" page of the World Wide Pet Supply Association.
  •, a site dedicated to sharing the knowledge of what a puppy mill is, and what the public can do to help stop them,

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Letter writing and Lobbying:


United States Senate,

United States House of Representatives,

State officials: can be located through your state government's website--to find that, use the links from your state's League of Women Voters website, which you can get to from

Local Representatives (such as city council or county commission): contact your local board of elections. That phone number will be in the blue pages of your local phone book.

(If anyone knows of a link that lists all state government websites, please pass it along to, as described above, for inclusion here.

  • "Do's and Don'ts of Lobbying: How to be An Effective Animal Advocate," Gives tips on how to get a legislator's attention effectively. Be sure to click on the "next" button at the bottom of the first page to read the entire article. There is also a "printer friendly" link at the bottom of each article.

  • The Kinship Circle, Contains an extensive Library of Fact Sheets, Articles, and Letters, with well-researched sample letters addressed to legislators, businesses and media--regarding the full spectrum of animal cruelty and protection issues.

  • "Lobbying 101," Links on this page include Tips for Successful Lobbying, and What Influences a Legislator.

  • Wisconsin Pet Facilities Law, Very good resource for anyone lobbying for anti-puppymill legislation. Includes the actual text of the law -- with self-funding provisions -- and the proposed administrative rules, along with Tips for contacting legislators and ten sample letters supporting such legislation. NOTE: due to former line-item veto of all self-funding provisions, the Gov. of WI has recommended that this law be repealed!

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